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Tree Tea Essential Oil


The oil essential tea tree is native to Australia, distilled steamed fresh leaves.

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The oil essential tea tree is native to Australia, distilled steamed fresh leaves. Along with the Cajeput and niaouli the, he is member of the Melaleuca subspecies of the Myrtaceae family, which also includes clove, eucalyptus and Myrtle. An outstanding and common property of all the essential oils of the Myrtaceae group is its anti-infective action. The active principles of tea tree include large amounts of Terpineol with different alcohols. Oil can be nearly colorless or pale yellow, and has a powerful medicinal smell. Although this is by far the most important of three Melaleuca oils used in aromatherapy, not has been used in Europe for so much time as the others. Knowledge about the properties and uses of this essential oil is derived mainly to a long history of use among the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, where this tree, grows and your most recent employment by doctors and aromatherapists of France. The essential oil of the tree of you has a very wide range of applications, but all dependent on two major interrelated facts:-this oil is unusual in that it is active against the three categories of infectious organisms; bacteria, fungi and viruses.
-Is a powerful immunostimulant, so when the body is threatened by any of these organizations, the tree of increase you their response capacity.
It is valuable for colds, influenza and infectious diseases. . . The tree of you may irritate the skin (due to the Cineole being an acetone), if used directly over it, whereupon the best method of use is to dilute it. The essential oil of the tree of you pure, contains more than 36 active principles, among which stands out due to its bactericidal action 4 - Terpineol (Alcohol). In the year 1960 perform clinical trials testing its effectiveness against microorganisms Candida and Trichomonas "Journal of the National Medical Association of the USA". In 1972 he returned to check their excellent results in infectious foot problems.

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